Build and Setup of Welsh Version of Your Website at No Extra Cost

The Welsh Language Board has stopped providing a “Promotion Grant”, which included 50% of costs - to a maximum of £1,000 for private and voluntary sectors.

As a result, we at Delwedd have decided to sponsor any organisation requiring a bilingual website by adding a Welsh language side to their website free of charge.

Michael Roberts of Delwedd said: “We have created bilingual websites for several clients under the grant. Without it, some of our clients who were hoping to apply for the grant in 2009 would inevitably go for an English only website. Consequently as a company we have decided to promote the Welsh language ourselves, by adding a Welsh language website to any new website free of charge. This usually provides a saving of between £200 to £500 for our clients, basically the average amount of the grant previously available from the Welsh Language Board.”

Delwedd will ensure that all work will comply with the Welsh Language Board’s guidelines and standards.

Meri Huws, Chair of the Welsh Language Board, said: “I congratulate Delwedd on offering this new service, and am certain that it will be warmly welcomed by their customers.

“Research shows that people appreciate Welsh or bilingual service, and are more likely to trust those services. Websites are a fantastic shop window for businesses and organisations, and as people become more confident in using Welsh medium technology, there is an increasing need for bilingual websites.”

Please note that while we at Delwedd will build the Welsh side of the website free of charge, the client is responsible for translating the text into Welsh.

We are however able to offer a translation service at very competitive rates if this is required.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact us.

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